Xamarin: Is It The Best Cross-Platform App Development Framework

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5 min readApr 20, 2022
Cross-Platform App Development

Cross-platform development is a very important sphere of app development that developers pursue with certain frameworks. Users prefer cross-platform apps because they work across multiple platforms and with multiple devices. Today, the average number of intelligent connected devices per user is 3.64. This means the average number of smart and wearable devices per user is around 4.

From smartphones to smartwatches, desktops to laptops, there are multiple devices for which an app developer creates new apps. The easiest way of creating completely functional apps on multiple devices is to pursue Cross-Platform Development of apps. Many app development frameworks support the development of apps for multiple operating systems in one go. One of the leading frameworks for cross-platform app development is the Xamarin Development framework.

Top Reasons To Choose The Xamarin Development Framework

1. Easy And Convenient

It is very easy to develop apps for multiple platforms on Xamarin. The Xamarin development framework supports the development of apps with its extensive architecture and tools. A developer can easily develop a robust app for cross-platform operating systems simultaneously. The interface of Xamarin is simplified and user-friendly, which provides an advantage to the user developer. The simple interface of Xamarin enhances the speed of development for a certain app prototype.

The development and app monitoring and update processes also go on smoothly on Xamarin. The developer can easily update the source code file with the tools on Xamarin. Xamarin is suitable for a single developer and development teams on a project. The Xamarin-backed apps are created with the help of C#, which helps in the easy running and maintenance of apps despite their cross-platform interface.

2. Native Like Performance

A major concern for developers when they take up app development and choose a development framework is the performance of the resultant app. Native apps developed for a certain device and platform are specific in performance with higher performance and efficiency. Native apps have higher performance because their code is compatible with the OS and hardware of the certain device for which it is created.

Cross-platform apps often lack the same performance quality because they are not so specific to the device’s hardware. However, when developers choose the Xamarin development framework, they also go for apps that can provide a native app-like performance. On Xamarin, the developers have access to native APIs, native UI, and other elements that lead to seamless performance. The performance of the app can be altered for running on individual platforms.

3. Code Reusability

The coded elements of the software framework can be easily reused and recycled with subsequent development cycles. The code developed is created with the help of a single app development language, C#. The singularity of the app development language helps retain code reusability for individual coding elements. Moreover, the code development framework of Xamarin is an open-source one, so the developer is free to reuse the coded elements.

4. High Performance

The app developed through Cross-Platform Development on Xamarin does not compromise the performance front. The app created is high on performance because the framework is developed with multiple design and development tools that support integrating modern features and performance parameters.

The major tools developers can use on Xamarin are Microsoft Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio. The two tools complete most of the design and development process for full-stack development. The framework allows the development of an appealing, intuitive user interface backed by a strong scaffold of code and programming elements.

5. Safe and Secure

The security of apps on Cross-Platform Development is a major concern for developers. From enterprise-level apps to individual-level apps, all apps need a secure back end for a successful front end. The Xamarin development framework helps the user developers to create the most secure apps for different operating systems.

The apps run safely regardless of the device they are installed. The Xamarin framework allows the coded elements to be hosted on a secure cloud platform of Azure. This shifts the dependence from traditional server farms to cloud-based servers for high-security systems applied on the app.

6. Rapid Development

Today, app development companies can float apps quickly due to advanced app development frameworks that support different development tasks. Xamarin framework is one such framework that easily supports the rapid development of apps for cross-platform purposes. Without a robust cross-platform development framework, the developer would have to create single coding files for each platform.

The Xamarin framework reduces the workload for the developer and facilitates fast deployment of the apps. On the one hand, the development pace helps the developer jump from one app project to another within a small time frame. Therefore, the Xamarin framework provides a much-needed boost to the development team’s productivity. On the other hand, apps developed on Xamarin can be floated in a short period. This provides an advantage to the development company as it can enter the market at a predetermined time and gain an edge over its competitors.

7. Flexible

Many frameworks support cross-platform app development. However, developers prefer using Xamarin because it provides flexibility to the developers. The open-source version of Xamarin and its code reusability feature with the help of a single source file allows the developers to modify the coding elements with ease. The framework is very versatile, allowing the developer to choose different elements for coding.

The platform also allows the integration of native APIs to create a native-like experience. The developer is not restricted to certain capabilities and features but can broaden the framework according to needs and development objectives. In the subsequent product development cycle, this flexibility comes in handy to the developer.

The above points are only a few notable benefits and advantages of using the Xamarin development framework for app creation. Xamarin is one of the best app development frameworks for multiple OS apps. Apart from these advantages, other advantages like lower maintenance costs for Xamarin apps make it one of the preferred app development frameworks. Today, developers are acquiring Xamarin-specific skills to work as cross-platform app developers. The demand for cross-platform app developers has been increasing in recent times.



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