What is a bridging header in Swift?

You can use Objective-C and Swift files together in a single project, no matter which language the project used originally. This makes creating mixed-language app and framework targets as straightforward as creating an app or framework target written in a single language.

How to create a bridging header?

Let’s see here step-by-step guidelines:

  1. File -> New -> File -> Header File

2. Name your Header file like this yourAppName-Bridging-Header

3. Now click on your Project -> Build Settings

4. Change from Basic to All

5. Search Bridging

6. You will get the search result as shown in the below image

7. In that double click the right of Objective-C Bridging Header and enter as follows

eg, yourAppName/yourAppName-Bridging-Header.h

Also you can see below the screen shot for the reference.