The All-in-one Guide to Hire a Dedicated Development Team

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4 min readFeb 27, 2024

In the fast-paced digital world, you can’t neglect to create an online business identity and its growth. So, hiring developers to develop your website or mobile apps is necessary. Many CEOs face trouble in getting the appropriate resources for their business. Considering that, the article is formatted to help you find and hire dedicated developers for your project. Let’s begin with the basics of the dedicated team model.

What is the dedicated development team model?

The dedicated development team model is the one-stop solution for different types of software development. The team is responsible for handling the technical needs from wireframing, and development to deployment of the project. It consists of business analysts, developers, designers, testers, and others. So, you can get a whole bunch of human resources essential to develop software for your business.

The dedicated team model introduces a partnership between the software development vendor and the business that wants a technical solution. So, the team working for the business needs to follow the working hours, reporting, and other aspects as per business. Moreover, you can consider the reasons why you chose a dedicated development model in the section below.

Why select the dedicated development team model?

Although there are plenty of reasons which insist you to go for a dedicated development model. Let’s refer to some of them;

  • Hiring a dedicated development team will work on your project remotely. So, the cost of infrastructure, equipment, and office space is eliminated. It will ultimately reduce the software development cost.
  • Secondly, as dedicated models define the IT outsourcing strategy, you will get experts and experienced professionals for your project. Thus, you will get innovative and feature-rich software.
  • As the developers have experience in delivering products for various industries. Your project can also achieve an advantage of new industrial trends to build competitive software.

Therefore hiring a dedicated developer team will fill the gap and make your project development process cost-effective. Now, to hire from the right provider follow the below steps for hiring a team.

How to hire a dedicated development team?

To answer your question on how to hire a dedicated development team, here are the sure-shot steps you need to implement to partner with the best vendor.

  • Describe your project needs extensively with a budget limit
  • Perform research on talent marketplaces
  • List out the best results that match your needs
  • Inquire about their developer and prices
  • Ask for a portfolio and review it
  • Shortlist and conduct interview rounds
  • Onboard the development team

So, you can smoothly hire a dedicated development team. Additionally, you can also learn tips to manage a remote development team. It will assist in establishing proper networks and communication among teams.

When to hire a dedicated development team?

Well, hiring a dedicated team model is appropriate for any project. But some particular situations only demand a dedicated model. Let’s have a look at them.

  • If you are a startup or small firm, dedicated development models are for you. As mentioned above, this model fits the limited budget. Your startup business can seamlessly manage to partner with it.
  • When there is a talent shortage in your IT firm, a dedicated team can hold your organization back remotely. So, a dedicated team is better suited to manage projects rather than team extensions. Moreover, you can also explore the difference between a dedicated team vs extended team models.
  • For projects with priority deadlines, hiring dedicated developers will meet the target without any hassle. As your existing team gets the support of the remote team, you deliver projects beforehand.

Now, as you know when to hire a dedicated team, moving ahead with the cost to hire them.

How much does it Cost to hire dedicated developers?

The cost to hire developers differs from the region you choose and the technology stack. Majorly the location of the team impacts your cost entirely. Hire dedicated developers from India who will have an hourly rate of developers around $25-$35. It is way lower than other regions’ rates. So, it is suggested to choose a skilled development team from India.

Summing up

To unlock the benefits of talented and well-versed resources for your project, you need to hire dedicated developers from India. One of the best companies is Rlogical Techsoft which provides a scalable development team. It has top-rated developers in various technological prospects. Contact the team and start your project discussion!



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