Most Popular Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) Apps Worldwide

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4 min readNov 23, 2023
Popular BNPL Apps Worldwide

Ever since the online shopping trend is rising, shoppers’ need to find easy and convenient payment methods has also increased. Accordingly, credit services are in demand to settle the big purchase bills. There is a counterpart of credit i.e., Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) services are quite efficient and transparent.

Many big companies have introduced their BNPL service and have great earnings from that. All-in-all BNPL is profitable for both retailers and customers. Some of the top BNPL apps are booming in the market. Such apps offer virtual cards and are partnered with giant e-commerce or retailers. Without any further, let’s dig into the list of top BNPL app solutions in 2024 and beyond.

  • Klarna

The epitome and great example of the BNPL app solution today is Klarna. It is the stepping stone in the establishment of the BNPL sector.

Moreover, it is an impressive application that offers streamlined payment solutions. Around 2 million transactions are processed regularly using Klarna.

Klarna’s user-friendly features have made it a widely used option for online or in-store shopping. It allows you to split the payment into four equal installments with zero interest charges. As a result, even after having its roots in Stockholm, Sweden, it has still captured the US market.

They enjoy the no-interest financing services, but they do charge late fees on repayments. So, if the repayment isn’t done within 10 days from the due date, you have to bear the late repayment fees. It is Klarna’s main income source. However, you can also learn how to create a BNPL app solution like Klarna, it will indeed be a lucrative business.

  • Afterpay

Next, the trending buy now, pay later app solution is Afterpay. It is the ultimate choice for first-time BNPL shoppers. Making the shopping payment easy for users, enhances the customer experience. The Australian-origin buy now, pay later application, Afterpay has made its significance worth noting.

Offering repayment without charging interest and soft credit checks is what its users love about it. You smoothly pay for the large shopping bills and satisfy your shopping needs, with smaller repayments afterward.

  • Affirm

To meet your large and festive season shopping bills, Affirm can become your go-to partner. It provides a credit limit of up to $25,000, which is a whopping amount compared to other BNPL solutions. So, you can simply use it for large financing purposes across various retailers.

Affirm originates in San Francisco, California, and today has more than 12 million active users around the world. It has reached such great numbers due to its no late repayment fees, which keeps users rest assured. However, the skipped repayments may affect future loan needs.

  • PayPal

The US-based and widely used payment method, PayPal has emerged as its BNPL solution with PayPal Pay in 4. PayPal is the renowned BNPL app solution that neither charges interest nor late fees on your repayments. PayPal has built a BNPL solution from scratch to make its visibility touchdown in this evolving market.

However, users manage your interest-free installments divided into 4 repayments. The monthly repayment is added with an annual percentage rate (APR) from 9.99% to 29.99%. Moreover, it is usually available for a $30 to $1500 credit limit.

  • Sezzle

Now, the Sezzle is an incredible BNPL platform with various payment plans. It offers pay-in-four and pay-in-two to split your purchase amount into equal payments whichever you choose. The major thing that makes it different is reporting your payment history to the credit bureaus.

It has a major customer base in the U.S. and Canada. In addition to that, it claims to not charge any late fees, but there is a catch to this. Your account will automatically deactivate after 48 hours of failed repayment. So, it costs you to reactivate the account.

  • Zip

Founded in 2013, Zip has headquarters in Australia. It is also a widely spread and competent buy now, pay later app solution. If you are someone who likes to settle bills in less duration, Zip is the perfect BNPL service for you. It split the purchase into 4-equal installments. These installments will be paid every two weeks, with a first settlement at checkout. Furthermore, you can utilize Zip at any location where Visa is accepted.

  • Splitit

The Splitit was established in Atlanta, Georgia with the motive of helping borrowers handle online shopping payments seamlessly. Its fascinating feature is that it doesn’t perform credit checks. So, anybody can utilize and seek the benefits of Splitit. Without charging any interest, late fees, or application process, you can get along with Splitit swiftly. Splitit users can split their shopping amount from two to 24 payments. Hence, it has ensured to attract users instantly.

Summing Up

The BNPL sector is growing at a higher speed with technological progress and overall market size. You can also plan for Buy Now Pay Later App Development which makes you list among these. Well, we can assist you in developing an appealing BNPL app. You can get a successful roadmap by hiring our dedicated developers or team.



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