Kotlin and React Native- The Best Cross-Platform Options For App Developers

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React Native vs Kotlin

When a mobile developer thinks about developing mobile applications, it is important to understand different software developing apps. With day-to-day technology advancements, many software applications have been developed. There are many mobile application-developing apps with multiplatform capability.

These tools are known as developmental tools, which act as a fundamental pillar of the tech industry to create and develop mobile applications. Kotlin and React Native are the leading cross-platform developing tools mostly preferred for developing mobile applications. The Kotlin application development services and React Native development services guilds can easily browse online sites.

Let us differentiate these developing tools according to their features and services.

Introduction- Kotlin Vs. React Native

Kotlin is cross-platform, a statically typed programming language with type inference. JetBrains developed this software development platform. Kotlin is even defined as an object-oriented language considered better than JAVA. Kotlin was a widely used language on Android, but it is used for developing applications due to its developed features. Kotlin Application development services companies play a prominent role in providing the best service.

While React Native is an open-source user interfaces software framework for developing mobile applications, the next-gen member of the React ancestors, Facebook, and the community developed this developmental software. It is used to develop iOS, Android, Android TV, macOS, and Windows applications. This cross-platform enables developers to use React framework along with the capabilities of the native platform.

Differentiation of Basic Features of Kotlin and React Native

As earlier it was discussed, Kotlin is a programming language. It was recently developed into Kotlin Multiplatform, which is regarded as an additional advanced feature of the language, making it far beyond an Android App Development. It lets the developers use a single codebase to develop Android and iOS. The component library of Kotlin is of small support compared to React Native. Kotlin is easy to understand and pick up, and its programming syntax is similar to JAVA and Swift. The Kotlin Multiplatform is a recent development, so Google also supports it.

React Native cross-platform mainly uses JAVA script that has many advanced features. It uses the React Native components to develop mobile apps, which further complied into native apps. The components of React Native consist of a very large inclusive library. It is even easy to learn and understand.

It becomes easier for the developer if he used Java or React Script before in his experience. React Native is considered a mature platform as it is widely used in production in various reputed companies worldwide. This cross-platform was released earlier than the Kotlin platform. Therefore, it is considered as more diligent. You can easily hire react native developers manually or through online sites.

Featural Advantages of Kotlin

Featural Advantages of Kotlin

Reliability Feature

As earlier, it has been discussed that Kotlin is a mature programming language; it went through different stages of testing before the final release. Hence, it is considered a polished language with great reliability features.

Compatibility with Existing Code

Kotlin works well with the JAVA script by including all necessary tools and frameworks, which provides a rich ecosystem.

Easy to Pick Up

The syntax of Kotlin is quite similar to other languages such as JAVA and Swift, which helps the developer to understand it more easily.

Uses single codebase

This cross-platform help you use a single codebase that helps share logic and libraries below the user interface layer, enabling users to interact directly with iOS or Android.

Utilizes Native UI

In Kotlin Multiplatform, you can experience a native user interface. This lets you utilize native user interface elements, making you feel natively developing the application.

Modulated Integration

One of the biggest advantages of using Kotlin multiplatform is an SDK rather than a framework. It easily allows the existing team to add a module or migrate it without commitment.

Featural Advantages of React Native

Hot Reloading

This is one of the chief features of React Native. This feature speeds up the development time, which lets your app reload automatically. It even helps you to visualize the change immediately. Therefore, it is a time-saving feature that improves concentration and productivity.

Better Performance

React Native can compile your app into native apps, which seems identical to apps created using native tools.

Native UI Components

This cross-platform helps you create views using the React Native UI Components, further compiled into platform-specific UI components. The core advantage of this feature is it saves lots of time.


As Facebook develops the cross-platform, therefore it is preferred by most of the top mobile apps, for instance, Facebook, Instagram, and Skype.

Free Source

React Native is open-source which is completely free to use. Web developers mostly prefer this cross-platform for developing mobile apps.

Builds Faster

The major advantage of React Native is its shorter development time. When you find the desired components in React Native, it makes it easier to build faster.

Conclusion (Which Cross-Platform to Be Preferred)

The use of these major leading cross platforms depends upon the project. Both the developing tools are used for developing various mobile applications. With the help of React Native software, you can create different Android apps, iOS, and UMP with a similar codebase. In contrast, Kotlin is a programming language and a multiplatform, which can even be used in React Native because the former permits user interfaces development with native libraries.

But React Native is even regarded as a first choice for developing Android and iOS apps, and for the service requirement, you can hire react native developers from various sources. React Native is a mature technology; React Native development services are present widely worldwide.



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