How to Install React Native on Mac? Step by Step Guide

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2 min readFeb 4, 2020

We are going to know how to Install React Native required installations like Node.

React Native becoming very popular among Android and iOS developers because of its cross-platform native app development technique. React native app development is now doing what is impossible a few years back, but now it’s a complete game changer technique, which would soon change the development area, and anyone can develop both Android and iOS apps using a single language.

This tutorial is for all beginners who are thinking of learning React Native. So, using this tutorial you can complete your first task to install React Native on the MAC system create your first React Native project and run that project in a real iOS device or iOS emulator.

Install React Native on Mac

Step 1. Install Homebrew :

Homebrew is a type of platform dependency installation software which would allow us to install all the download and install all the required files. To install Homebrew, open your terminal prompt and type the below command :

/usr/bin/ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL"

Step 2. Install Node.js :

Next step is to install the node.js online using command.

brew install node

Step 3. Install watchmen :

brew install watchman

Step 4. Install React Native CLI :

npm install -g react-native-cli

Step 5. install Xcode command line tools :

To install the latest version on Xcode you need to follow the below steps :

Open Xcode -> Preferences -> Locations tab -> install the latest version of Xcode command line tools.

Step 6. Create your first react native project in MAC :

react-native init MyProject

Step 7. Run your created project

Select your path where you want to create your first react native project using cd YOUR PATH.

cd Desktop

cd FirstReactNativeProject

react-native run-ios


Final Thought:

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