Decoding the Tactics of Building High-end eCommerce Applications with Android

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5 min readOct 9, 2023
build e-commerce apps with android

Over the years, the e-commerce sector has tremendously increased its market size, especially after the pandemic. The shift in people’s shopping habits to online platforms is worth noting. As a result, Forbes predicts that the global e-commerce market is estimated to hit $6.3 trillion in 2023.

Thanks to the vast landscape of the e-commerce industry. It has widened in the Business-to-Business (B2C), Business-to-Consumer (B2B), and Direct-to-consumer (D2C) applications. The number of shoppers is already high, among them Android users have upscaled.

For your retail business, choosing the Android app development will hit the bull’s eye in attaining the target revenue. However, the competition is way tougher than ever before. To make your eCommerce application deliver value and a great user experience, you need to go beyond the technicalities. Some result-driven strategies and tips can help you. Before diving into that, you should understand the top examples of eCommerce apps.

Top Trendsetting E-commerce Applications

  • Amazon
  • AliExpress by Alibaba Group
  • Etsy
  • eBay

So, if you want to learn the secret sauce for developing your leading-edge applications, here is a list of pro tips for you. It has been determined through my research and analysis of the above apps.

8 Tips to Make your Android E-commerce App Stand out!

  • Analyze Android users’ market

First comes first, you need to look for the Android mobile users’ market size. Although, it remains on top of other smartphone users. Yet, you need to figure out their user’s tastes and behavior. For instance, you should analyze the;

  • What is the shoppers’ search intent?
  • What is trending in the online shopping market?
  • Is there any product influencing customer behavior?
  • Understand the recent emerging technologies, etc.

So, when you get answers to these questions, it makes your halfway task done to develop the application. Based on the collected data you can perform the further process. Thus, you can understand the market scope and plan your app launch accordingly.

  • Optimizing the app designs

Delivering apps with appealing and eye-catching design elements are major success factors. Android app development should be processed by integrating easy-to-use and streamlined app layouts. For instance, the dashboard should showcase the app with essential features without complex searching.

Making user-friendly and interactive app design allows users to grab users attention. It builds your business brand and keeps users engaged. When you hire Android app developers from an experienced company, you can leverage the design edge automatically.

  • Integrate High-quality Features

The more efficient and organized features you offer, the higher the chances of success of your application. By adding enhanced features to your app, you can improve the performance of the app. You can begin with creating an MVP first. After that, enabling the app with the search bar, product recommendations, filters, and hassle-free payment solutions are the prominent features. It assists in delivering a better user experience.

However, you can also implement advantageous technical features. These days, using AI, blockchain, and big data, Android apps can ensure greater impact. Also, it will help you to gain a competitive advantage.

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  • Easy & secure payment gateways

Do you know? One of the primary problems that e-commerce apps face is a higher abandonment rate. For any successful custom app solution, it is necessary to work on improving the checkout and payment options. So, considering that we have evaluated the following;

  • Autofill address option
  • Multiple payment alternatives (UPI, Digital wallet, card payments, etc.)
  • Vouchers and offers on specialized product categories
  • Guest checkout solutions
  • Free shipping on shopping above the predetermined amount
  • Customized order packaging, etc.

Hence, building an Android app with some top-notch services for quick payment symbolizes your app’s efficiency. It also increases customers’ trust in your business and makes them visit the app again and again.

  • Real-time app performance tracking

Applications with geofencing enabled to offer based on live location are highly appreciated. You can use the Android Analytics tool to oversee and analyze the app performance, It assists in finding any loopholes. So, you can work accordingly to tackle the limitations.

Additionally, you can monitor the conversion rates and traffic on your app. Thus, it will assist you in building an overall and detailed report on monthly sales.

  • Quick Customer support

The utmost need and customer satisfaction solutions are providing customers support whenever they need it. Making your app accessible and solving customer issues 24/7 is the best way for it. So, it can be possible by allowing customers to communicate with the help center. It should be available via;

  • AI-powered chatbot
  • In-app messaging
  • Email help desk
  • Complaint forms
  • Contact numbers

Hence, it keeps your customers connected with the app. Also, you will get to know the shortcomings beforehand. It is also a renowned means of gaining customer loyalty.

  • Implementing third-party Android tools

Now, to take a great leap you need an industry expert eCommerce app development company. Implementing third-party tools is the best way to unlock new solutions. You can strengthen your app by enabling robust tools such as;

  • Android SDK
  • Android Debug Bridge (ADB)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Gradle
  • Fabric (Used by Twitter)

Although, these are just a few names/categories of tools. There are numerous tools available based on your industry standards and app needs. You can ask your Android developers for them. Thus, you can upgrade your app performance by adding efficient tools and technologies.

  • Promotional & Marketing Activities

Today, digital marketing is the need of all business types to make their presence flourish in the market. Performing the buzzing digital marketing strategies will deliver great results in less turnaround time. Although it is not part of app development services, you should emphasize these after the app launch. So, you should incorporate the following main practices;

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Email Marketing
  • App Store Optimization (ASO)

Furthermore, these are best practices for gaining organic results. If you want instant results, you should go with paid marketing such as Pay-per-click (PPC) and AdRolls. Thus, even if you are a startup, your eCommerce app will get brand visibility quickly.

So, as you can see, you need to consider major aspects of your Android eCommerce app to stand out from the crowd. Yet, the possibility of success is 60% dependent on the core development. So, developing apps with high-tech solutions is based on how to hire Android app developers. Let’s take a dig into that.

6 Quick Steps to Hire Android App Developers

  • List out your job requirements thoroughly
  • Ask and Analyze the work portfolio
  • Shortlist candidates based on past eCommerce projects
  • Assign the task to examine the technical skills
  • Perform Final discussion round
  • Onboard the developers as per your desired hiring model

Summing up

To make a fast-paced eCommerce application, you need to figure out many tasks. Accordingly, improvising on strategies will help you to achieve the target audience. Your eCommerce store will appeal to the customers and increase sales globally. So, you can hire developers for enterprise solutions. It will allow you to make domain-based modifications. You can accomplish prospective customers and business growth by working on these practices.



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