A Comprehensive Outlook for Developing Web Apps using ASP.NET

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3 min readJan 4, 2024
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Since the introduction of ASP.NET, it has gained immense popularity and recognition for its high-quality technological solutions. Today, transforming businesses to digital platforms has accelerated the demand for ASP.NET development services.

Be you a small business or an existing big enterprise, having an industry-specific web app is a must. Accordingly, using ASP.NET technology to create your business web application will have impressive ROI in the future.

Firstly, the ASP.NET stands for Active Server Pages Network Enabled Technologies. In simple terms, ASP.NET is a free and open-source web framework developed by Microsoft. You can create new-age web apps by using ASP.NET technology.

It is essential and helpful in strategizing your project needs. Although you can get guidance from the web app development company, you should also have some basic understanding of ASP.NET before consulting a company. Let’s begin with the types of ASP.NET frameworks.

What are the types of ASP.NET for Web application development?

Microsoft-supported ASP.NET is an open-source and powerful web application technology. It is a robust framework utilized for building feature-rich websites and web applications. Usually, it builds on programming languages such as HTML, CSS, C#, and JavaScript.

Building web apps using real-time solutions for ASP.NET makes your unique digital entity. Moreover, there are major 3 frameworks available to build ASP.NET web applications. Based on multiple factors of your business, you can choose the appropriate one. However, using any of them will leverage the functionality of Microsoft.

  • ASP.NET Web Forms

The ASP.NET web forms are efficient and dynamic web app solutions developed using the traditional drag-and-drop and event-driven model. It provides rich UI aspects and potential server controls with secure data access.

  • ASP.NET MVC (Model-View-Controller)

MVC is a pattern-based and latest web app development model used for making scalable and power-packed web applications. It is a highly secure and test-driven process that delivers error-free solutions.

  • ASP.NET Web Pages

Moving forward to the third one i.e., ASP.NET Web Pages. It is the most widely used framework that builds lightweight and fast web applications. Also, it uses razor syntax for coding the web pages which is perfect for making a performance-driven web app.

Which are the important tools used for building ASP.NET web apps?

As you select the appropriate framework, it’s important to move to tools for creating web applications using ASP.NET. So, when you outsource your project to a web app development company, you can ask them about the tools’ requirements. Here is the list of essential tools.

  • Visual Studio: It is the prominent Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used in building web applications.
  • Web Essentials for Visual Studio: It is a collection of web technologies ranging from CSS, HTML, TypeScript, etc. So, it assists developers in building web apps and extending the Visual Studio functionality.
  • LINQ (Language Integrated Query): A language extension tool is a .NET framework component used to write object-oriented queries.
  • Razor: The Razor is the primary markup syntax for embedding .NET codes into web pages.
  • Web API: Web APIs are used to make HTTP services to make web apps accessible from different platforms.

Aside from these, you can also utilize other tools or tech stacks for advanced features. It will assist in making your web app competitive to sustain in the marketplace. Now, let’s have a look at how to develop a web app using ASP.NET.

Outsource ASP.NET Development Services!

To develop and deploy your web application, you need to hire ASP.NET developers. Hiring an in-house team demands setting up offices and equipment. So, the cost-saving solution is outsourcing the web app development services.

The cost to hire dedicated developers in India is best for small ad startup firms. So, you can find ASP.NET experts who have an edge in the above-mentioned tools from India. It has pre-vetted developers who have been working for clients from all over the world.

The dedicated developers will ensure complete fast development time with top-notch integrations. So, your web app will stand out among the crowd of others. Begin your project discussion from the domain-driven ASP.NET developers and get insights on its success rate now!



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