What is Microsoft .NET 5?

Microsoft’s .NET 5 has some major changes that can significantly affect your organization.

.NET Framework is a better choice if you:

  • Do not have time to learn new technology.
  • Need a stable environment to work in.
  • Have nearer release schedules.
  • We are already working on an existing app and extending its functionality.
  • Already have an existing team with .NET expertise and building production-ready software.
  • Do not want to deal with continuous upgrades and changes.
  • Building Windows client applications using Windows Forms or WPF

What is NET Core?

NET Core is a new version of. NET Framework, which is a free, open-source, general-purpose development platform maintained by Microsoft. …

Android Studio reference by Google

setContentView(View) is a method exclusively available for Activity.

Internally it calls the setContentView(View) of Window. This method sets the activity content to an explicit view.

SetContentView() method is 3 types.

  1. setContentView(int resourceId)
  2. setContentView(View view)
  3. setContentView(View view, android.view.ViewGroup.layoutparams params)

This view is placed directly into the activity’s view hierarchy. Calling this function “locks in” various characteristics of the window that can not, from this point forward, be changed. Hence it is called only once.

LayoutInflater is used to instantiate layout XML file into its corresponding View objects.

With Pros & Cons For Each

One significant reason for the success of JavaScript in recent times has been its versatility. It is possible to use JavaScript for front-end client-side development and backend server-side development mainly because of Node.js. It will be possible to choose from several server-side JavaScript frameworks, and the most well-known choice happens to be Express.js.

However, before making a choice, it is essential to consider several fundamental aspects such as scalability, performance, and the flexibility of your web application.

In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned the 4 JavaScript frameworks and their pros and cons.

1. Express.js

Express.js is an open-source web framework intended for Node.js and is utilized for creating web applications and APIs. This framework was created originally…

source: medium.com

Let ‘s see here the following steps for making a drag-able floating view

1. Add a UIView to the view controller in storyboard.

2. Put on pan gesture to the UIView which is just added to the view controller therefore the view become draggable.

3. Create an IBAction for the pan gesture by making a connection to the storyboard to the view controller’s source code file.

4. Set the type for the sender to UIPanGestureRecognizer.

- Example like below :-

@IBAction func panView(_ sender: UIPanGestureRecognizer)
let translation = sender.translation(in: self.view)

if let viewToDrag = sender.view { viewToDrag.center = CGPoint(x…

You can use Objective-C and Swift files together in a single project, no matter which language the project used originally. This makes creating mixed-language app and framework targets as straightforward as creating an app or framework target written in a single language.

How to create a bridging header?

Let’s see here step-by-step guidelines:

  1. File -> New -> File -> Header File

2. Name your Header file like this yourAppName-Bridging-Header

3. Now click on your Project -> Build Settings

4. Change from Basic to All

5. Search Bridging

6. You will get the search result as shown in the below image

7. In that double click the right of Objective-C Bridging Header and enter as follows

eg, yourAppName/yourAppName-Bridging-Header.h

Also you can see below the screen shot for the reference.

IoT (Internet of Things) has become a fantastic addition to the present technology world. This has made the current market more advanced and has also become quite beneficial for the audience. Even the big corporations are collaborating to come up with the interesting creation of IoT to supply the industry with suitable serving solutions.

IoT has also proved to be extremely beneficial for the users as well. One of the most awesome programming languages working on the notion of object-orientation, ASP.NET, has been taken over by this platform. The ASP.Net …

What is Firebase?

source: Google

Firebase is a platform developed by Google for creating web and mobile applications development that helps you build, improve, and grow your app.

Firebase is a toolset to “build, improve, and grow your app”, and therefore the tools it gives you cover an outsized portion of the services that developers would normally need to create themselves, but don’t actually need to create, because they’d preferably be that specialize in the app experience itself. This includes things like authentication, push messaging, databases, analytics, file storage, configuration, and therefore the list goes on. The services are hosted in the cloud, and scale…

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What do you mean by Node JS?

Node.js happens to be a cross-platform runtime library as well as an environment for operating JavaScript programs outside the browser. It is actually an open and free source tool which is used to create server-side JS programs.

We make use of JavaScript for writing programs in Node.js. One can run the application within the runtime of Node.js on Linux and Microsoft Windows. A rich library of different JavaScript modules is offered by this framework for streamlining the web development procedure.

What do you mean by Angular JS?

AngularJS happens to be a structural framework which is used to develop dynamic web applications. It enables the developers to…


As the world moves on to the digital age from the conventional age many things, many principles change for the better, for the convenience of the general public. Transformation in a business transaction is also going on rapidly at a faster pace. The basic tenets of business where the money is transferred are also undergoing a sea change. No longer the system of giving and accepting money physically is the current trend. It is here that POS development and POS Application development play a pivotal role in shaping the proper maintenance of business records today and tomorrow.

POS or point…

Capacitor Vs Cordova
Capacitor Vs Cordova

What is Cordova

Cordova is a framework that runs JavaScript apps in a WebView which has additional native extensions, it is called hybrid app. From the beginning of Ionic, Apache Cordova has been an integral part of the project. Ionic is based on Cordova and comes with Angular.

Cordova applications use less and more simple code, which iterates faster development and execution. It is profitable for all the business owners because less effort is required to develop an application to work across all mobile platforms

Is capacitor the new Cordova?

Yes, we can say it is a modified version of cordova with some amazing changes and enhancements. Due…

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