9 Points For Choosing React Native For Your Mobile App Development

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5 min readOct 20, 2022

Every business needs mobile applications with faster deployment, microservice-based architecture, efficient adaptability to market demands, and outstanding performance.

Innovative and technically advanced mobile application development has made businesses utilize these apps to dominate the tech world.

Currently, the tech world is dominated by IOS and Android. Therefore creating a mobile application that works best on both these platforms will maximize digital efficiency.

Why Should Businesses Use React Native For Their Mobile App Development?

React Native enables developers to create cross-platform mobile apps with a single codebase, allowing them to create apps for Android and iOS without having to write two separate programs.

The framework is an open-source project maintained by Facebook and Instagram, so it is free to use.

The good news is that hybrid app frameworks are being introduced to balance the user experience and development cycle. Due to its ability and advanced features to dive into Native on every platform, React Native has become one of the most notable names in creating complex hybrid apps that provide native user experiences.

This is due to its ability to execute portable, seamless, and dependable JavaScript. Anyone can maintain JavaScript.

Why Is React Native The Best Platform For Mobile App Development?

React Native is a Facebook-created programming framework that makes coding easier for developers by allowing them to reuse code across the web and mobile devices.

Because the framework is open source, developers can easily get support and answers to questions from online communities. Several React Native App Development experts are willing to share their knowledge to help the framework improve. Some of the other reasons are:

1. Reusability Of Code

Because React Native includes code reusability, developers do not have to rewrite code for each platform.

This feature improves the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of mobile application development, increases development speed, and leads to cost savings. Open-source libraries, including UI libraries, are also available for React Native.

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2. Improved Performance

We all know native apps designed specifically for Android or iOS perform exceptionally well, but React Native applications perform nearly identically.

React Native apps are fast, efficient, and perform better because the programming language is optimized for mobile application development devices.

3. Support For Multiple Platforms

To be successful, new businesses must establish a web presence quickly and affordably. At this point, React Native App Development enters the picture. You will save time and money by utilizing the React Native framework.

Another benefit is finding a React Native developer more quickly than other developers. This framework will help you achieve higher returns and a larger consumer base.

4. Third-Party Plugin Support

React Native supports third-party plugins. Native Modules and JavaScript Modules are the two types of plugins that can be used. So, if you want to add Google Calendar or Google Maps to your basic app, you can use React Native to connect to any plugin via a Native or third-party module.

5. Reloading Techniques: Hot And Live

At the heart of React Native is a hot and live reloading function. Developers can use this feature to work with code changes in real time and fix them while the application is loading.

While hot reloading only reloads a specific area of the change, the live feature reloads the entire application after making changes. This makes development and testing easier.

6. Pre-Constructed Libraries And Tools

React Native has several ready-to-use tools and libraries to help you get started faster. Type-checking tools and testing libraries are just two examples of libraries that can help you get your application developed faster.

These libraries aid in development speed. For example, if your app requires a native look and feel, you can use a Native base. This is a list of the most important cross-platform React Native elements.

7. Cost-Effective

Money is a major consideration, particularly when starting a new business. React Native offers an ecosystem of open-source libraries, making it a cost-effective mobile app development option. By combining JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, it can be used to create hybrid mobile applications for Android and iOS.

8. Trustworthy

Before developing and launching React Native, Facebook created a mobile app to test the platform’s viability. It aided their developers in creating a fantastic social media platform mobile app.

Today, everyone uses the Facebook mobile app, which has the appearance of a native mobile app. Since React Native App Development became open-source, more businesses have begun to use it to develop mobile apps. Instagram, Skype, and Walmart, to name a few.

9. Future-Orientation

React Native will be around for a long time. It aids in providing platform-supporting file extensions, as these platforms can easily determine the operating system on which the apps are running. It is adaptable because any developer can decipher the application’s code. Accessing the app does not require any core development.

Because Millennials want instant gratification, every app developer strives to provide quick information and an exceptional mobile app experience.

It is becoming more future-oriented with each passing moment by reducing complexities. Everyone prefers React Native, from top-tier organizations to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Why Is React Native The Best Choice For Startups?

The mobile application has become an essential part of our lives over the last decade. The smartphone is always with us, from waking up to sleeping.

Cross-platform development has taken over the market due to the high demand. When it comes to developing high-quality, creative, and influential mobile apps, React Native is the obvious choice.

Although React Native is a relatively new solution in the field of software development, many companies and startups have already had the opportunity to use the technology, and their conclusions may help you decide whether it is a good fit for your startup.

Many startups and companies use React Native, including Facebook, Bloomberg, Instagram, Pinterest, Tesla, Skype, and Uber. The wide range of benefits React Native provides is the primary reason startups consider it their mobile application development platform.



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