10 Best Microsoft Azure Tools for App Developers

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For businesses, cloud computing is becoming a necessity, and therefore, they are looking for useful and great Azure app development tools. The determinants of Azure app development services are lesser cost and simplicity. Microsoft Azure has everything a business needs for operating computing operations, including network, database, analytics, storage, servers, and many more. It is a suitable platform that has the capability of offering value for the invested money.

The platform provides software-as-a-service, platform-as-a-service, and infrastructure-as-a-service solutions for deploying apps on the data center of Microsoft. The built-in DevOps and agility enable you to iterate faster and deliver the codes utilizing an end-to-end development platform. As the platform provides numerous benefits, its development tools also have the utmost importance. In this blog, you will know various tools for Azure development and how it eases developers’ work. But first, let’s understand the reason for choosing Azure.

Why Microsoft Azure?

Why one should consider Azure instead of other platforms

There are several reasons why one should consider Azure instead of other platforms for cloud computing. Some of these are mentioned below.


Azure provides numerous services for scaling your capabilities of data storage. You do not have to purchase new hardware or OS. Due to its flexibility, your efforts are reduced.


By leveraging Microsoft Azure, the development and testing task of applications becomes easy. You can also move an app from the testing area to the production mode.


Not only Azure makes it faster and easier to scale infrastructure, but it also remains budget-friendly. By using the expertise and infrastructure of Azure, people can decrease their annual IT budget.

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Best Tools to Opt for Microsoft Azure Development

Best Tools to Opt for Microsoft Azure Development

1. Azure Ping

It is one of the effective tools that includes a free extension of monitoring utility that is helpful to maintain tabs for Azure databases and Storage resources. It includes in-built loggings, and one can use Apache log4net as well for adding notifications.

2. Developer Portal of Azure

This developer portal of Azure is an outstanding tool that serves the app development companies the features of styling, customization, and authoring systems using the visual editor. Moreover, the tool in API development has the potential to facilitate the core functionalities extension.

3. Visual Studio Cloud Explorer

Cloud Explorer is a prominent tool among others as it helps to identify Azure resources as per the name, resources groups, and type. The tools aid in identifying the resources directly from the Visual Studio. It can find out the properties of resources alongside diagnostic processes and activities. Moreover, the tool integrates the Preview Portal to manage the groups and resources.

4. Azure Blob Studio2011

It is one of the oldest tools for azure development. It helps to easily manage the blob storage of Azure by creating and removing the containers, URIs retrieval, and blobs management. The tool’s standalone utility is one of the useful aspects for all developers.

5. Cloud Combine

It is a popular Azure development tool due to its various functionalities. Cloud Combine helps easier downloading, browsing, uploading, and transferring files between various cloud storage platforms. It is also compatible with multiple platforms for cloud storage like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web, and Google Cloud. In addition, you can easily log into every cloud service and manage the storage resources.

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6. SQL Server Database Migration

This tool is a noteworthy one out of all for Azure app development services. It can help migrate the SQL Server 2014, 2012, 2008, and 2005 databases into the SQL server database. It comprises migration analyzers to find out and troubleshoot any potential problem.

7. IgniteAzureDbWriteBolt

The IgniteAzureDbWriteBolt tool integrates different technologies like Apache Storm to write data streams in real-time to the SQL Azure. Apache Storm is a distributed computation engine that processes input streams as well as produces output streams. Through this tool, one can effortlessly extend it for supporting the output data source like DocumentDB.

8. Graph Engine VS-Extension

The tool is a software development kit created by Microsoft Research to provide development functionalities through the in-memory graph distributed processing engine Trinity. It supports deploying to Azure directly.

9. Azure Grid

One of the notable entrants in the list of tools for Azure development is Azure Grid. App development companies generally follow the modular approach that breaks down the present issue and allocates the cloud resources. This tool takes advantage of grid computing for facilitating functionalities that simplify the task of developers.

Due to the Grid framework, each node’s grid establishment, code definition, and allocation data become easier. Moreover, the tool provides better control over activities by using a WPF application. Such a client app can help to monitor the whole development process. Moreover, the friendly interface and needed visualization tools can aid in enhanced observation of the project’s progress.

10. Docker

It is one of the recommended choices among tools as it helps in creating, managing, and deploying app containers. Docker supports Microsoft Azure and Visual Studio 2015 aids in establishing Docker containers that are hosted locally for debugging and development. In addition, the complete integration advantage with the new Visual Studio provides effectiveness.


Microsoft Azure has been developers’ popular choice for years. The cloud computing platform has an enormous amount of tools that ease the work of developers. Therefore, gaining knowledge about different tools and having hands-on experience with these development tools becomes important. You can select any tools mentioned above depending upon what can suit you the best.



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